Day 1 •  Puebla

Arrival at the airport of the City of Puebla.

Assistance and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.

Day 2 •  City tour, Amparo Museum, Palafoxiana and panoramic tour to the Fortres.

breakfast at the hotel. Panoramic tour to the historic center, view of the Fortresses of Loreto and Guadalupe, site where the Battle of cinco de mayo took place. We continue with a tour by foot visiting the Amparo Museum has a large collection of prehispanic pieces and contemporary art. Next we will visit the Palafoxiana Library declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and recognized in the continent for conserving its building, shelf and original collection that shelters. We continue through the Historic Center: the Zócalo of the city, the Cathedral (with the highest towers of cathedrals of the continent and recognized for its sculptural, pictorial, musical and documentary heritage), the Chapel of the Rosario gutter with its cover almost in Its totality of gold, the Municipal Palace, the street of sweets (where you can see the great variety of delicacies created by the nuns of the Convents of Puebla) and the handicrafts market the Parian. Back to the hotel. Accommodation.

Day 3 •  Gastronomic city tour

Breakfast at the hotel. The tour  starts at 10:00 a.m. (please arrive 30 minutes earlier). Puebla is one of the 3 states with the greatest gastronomic wealth, due to its strategic location made it during colonial times a mandatory point of rest between the Pacific coast and the Gulf of Mexico routes to Mexico City. In addition, the magical hands of the nuns of the convents of our city, achieved the creation of the most emblematic dishes of our country: the mole poblano and chile in nogada. During the tour we will taste a wide variety of typical dishes such as: tamales, chalupas poblanas, pelonas, molotes, memelas, quesadillas, cemitas, arabian tacos, and the traditional mole poblano.

So start the tour hungry so you can try everything!. During the tour we will share some recipes of mole and typical poblano food, also taste the rich and traditional sweets such as sweet potatoes, biscuits of Santa Clara, borrachitos etc. During this delightful tour we will also admire the Colonial and Religious Puebla considered World Cultural Heritage and to finish we will give you a small recipe book. Return to the Hotel. Accommodation.

Day 4 •  Tehuacán, Zapotitlán Salinas and San Juan Raya

Breakfast at the hotel. Pick up starts at 08:00 a.m. This will be assigned at the time of booking.

We start the tour in the Municipal Palace of Tehuacán to admire its magnificent paintings that tell the history of the City, we will make a visit to the Ex-Convent of the region. We continue to Zapotitlán Salinas to meet Atexcal onyx factories. We will visit the Paleontological zone of San Juan Raya, where we will be able to see surprising dinosaur tracks and the wonderful Valley of the Turritelas. We end the day with a visit to the botanical garden, the area of  giagiants Cactáceas and where we will know a diversity of pre-Hispanic healing plants, including the plant from which the gum is extracted, in the end we can taste delicious pre-Hispanic dishes. Back to the hotel. Accommodation.

Day 5 •  Puebla – Cholula Piramide, Tonantzintla and Acatepec

Starts at 11:00 a.m. (Report 30 minutes earlier)

Breakfast. We will board the tram that will take you to the magic town of Cholula. Our local guide will accompany you throughout the tour giving you a wide explanation about the pyramid of Cholula so you know the history of the largest pyramid in the world in terms of its basement and site museum. Our guide continues to accompany you on the tram to the temple of San Francisco Acatepec and the temple of Santa Maria Tonantzintla, where he will give an explanation of the syncretism between the Catholic and Indian religions. Afterwards, we will continue the journey aboard the tram, taking a panoramic tour where you will see: the San Pedro Cholula zócalo, the former convent of San Gabriel, the Royal chapel, the San Andrés Cholula zocalo. Upon finishing the tour we will return to the City of Puebla. Accommodation

Day 6 • Puebla – Tlaxcala gastronomic tour

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure 9:30 a.m. This will be assigned at the time of booking.

Breakfast. As part of the great culinary wealth of Mexico. The city of Tlaxcala offers a wide variety of exquisite dishes such as: tamales, tlacoyos, roasted nopales, ram mixiotes, garnachas, chapulines, huaraches, maguey worms (according to season), escamoles (seasonal), memelas, blue corn quesadillas, Huazontles, huitlacoche, lamb barbecue, soup broth and Tlaxcalteca soup. The tourist will also taste the rich and traditional sweets like: take us of Huamantla, palanquetas, alegrías, cocadas. During this delightful tour we will also admire the city of Tlaxcala, places like; The cathedral, the zócalo, the government palace and the Ocotlán Church and to finish (if you wish to try) delicious cured pulque. Accommodation.

Day 7 • Puebla

Breakfast buffet. At the scheduled time, transfer to the airport. Air ticket not included.

End of services.


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Valid: July 1 to December 15, 2017.

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Guaranteed departure with a minimum of 2 people. Service in Spanish-English.


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Transportation:  Van/Microbus or bus with air conditioning.

Accommodation:  4 * / 4 ** hotels with private bathroom.

Food: Daily breakfast.

Visits included:  According to Itinerary.

Accompanying guide: Bilingual Spanish-English, certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico.

Assistance: Office in Mexico

City and correspondent

in Puebla.